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Born in 1961 in Cuneo, where he currently lives and works, Livio Brezzo is interested in primitive art, rock engravings, symbols and calligraphies of ancient writings. Attracted by the simple signs, by the lost meaning of the letters of archaic scriptures and by the totality that represent the Symbols. His is a spiritual quest, through the material stratifications, which represents the passage of time, in a backward journey that goes back ideally to the origins of the Universe and life. No pretension to give explanations, but like primitive man who with simple gestures confidently abandons himself to the Divine, so in his works transpires the attempt to shape matter, tangible Symbol of the Supernatural.

"Is that what I wanted to represent?"

"Was this what I wanted to represent? It is a question that arises spontaneously ended my works. The truth?  I never have an answer. There is no actual picture that has been realized and packaged as originally designed, because, like everything, my thinking evolves and like me, or better with me, it matures and transforms. It' s normal to consider the change uncomfortable, the meaning comes from the uncertainty of what we will come across, from the future. It is precisely the volatility of time that prevents me from responding. How do I know that what I had thought is this? But in the end it doesn’t matter what, but how to represent an idea so as to provide ample freedom of imagination. And it is there, on sheets of paper, on old canvases, on pieces of wood that reveal geometric images, warm colors and collages of other paper; there, where a stylized alpha becomes a symbol of the whole, symbol of the origin."

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